Production equipment for melt blown fabric machine and surgical mask making production line

How important of nonwoven fabric in the world?

PP Nonwoven fabric is excellent fabric for application in packing,agriculture,heathcare,medical,hygienic,filtration and so on... because spun bond and meltblown nonwoven fabric can be produced in faster speed with less cost than traditional woven fabric or knitted fabrics.For example,pp spunbond nonwoven fabric is widely used as packaging material where paper products and plastic films are not satisfactory.Most of countries are going to ban plastic bags,so nonwoven fabric bag will be the most popular packing material in the world.The nonwovens for agriculture  as  crop cover or agriculture protective cover,it is manufactured by spunbond process which polypropylene is spun into fine filaments and bonded,it can be used for a variety of  rock gardens,flowerbeds etc.
PP nonwoven fabric also has better quality and other application in other field such as health care/hygiene/medical,Modern disposable absorbent hygiene products have made an important contribution to the quality of life and skin health of millions people.Thes user of (i.e. baby diapers,feminine hygiene products and adult incontinence products) benefit from softness,smoothness,leakage prevention,strength and protection provided by pp spunbond and meltblown nonwoven fabric.At the same time medical usage nonwoven fabric plays an important roll as surgical mask/cap/shoes covers for body protection.

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