6-10kV outdoor dynamic reactive power compensation

  • 6-10kV outdoor dynamic reactive power compensation
  • 6-10kV outdoor dynamic reactive power compensation
  • 6-10kV outdoor dynamic reactive power compensation
  • 6-10kV outdoor dynamic reactive power compensation
  • 6-10kV outdoor dynamic reactive power compensation
  • 6-10kV outdoor dynamic reactive power compensation
  • 6-10kV outdoor dynamic reactive power compensation
6-10kV outdoor dynamic reactive power compensation
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FGSVG series high-pressure dynamic reactive power compensation device, with the chip DSP + FPGA as the core, using instantaneous reactive power theory control technology, FFT fast harmonic calculation technology, the high power IGBT drive technology, with high reliability, easy operation, high performance design goals, able to quickly continuously provide capacitive and inductive reactive power, constant testing point assessment of reactive power, constant voltage and constant power factor assessment point, as well as the comprehensive compensation and so on many kinds of control mode.FGSVG series of high voltage dynamic reactive power compensation devices can not only automatically compensate reactive power, but also dynamically compensate harmonics at the same time to ensure the stable operation of the power system.

In distribution power grid, the access of new energy, large capacity of power electronic devices such as the wide application of nonlinear load and impact load, has brought the serious power quality problems, use FGSVG high-pressure dynamic reactive power compensation device, can significantly improve the load and the public power grid connection point of power quality, such as improving power factor, to overcome the three-phase imbalance, eliminate voltage flicker, voltage fluctuation, to suppress the harmonic pollution and so on.

35 kv container straight hanging FGSVG series products adopt modern power electronics, automation, microelectronics and network communication technology, the use of advanced theory of instantaneous reactive power and the power decoupling algorithm based on synchronous coordinate transformation, to set the properties and size of reactive power, power factor, power grid voltage as control target, a dynamic reactive power output, tracking the change of power quality regulating curve can be set to run, improving the quality of power grid.

FGSVG series products are designed to meet users' urgent needs of improving power factor of transmission and distribution network, controlling harmonics and compensating negative sequence current. They have the following characteristics:

Quick response, one step ahead: the whole series adopts instantaneous reactive power theory, controller response time ≤1ms, full power response time ≤5ms, especially suitable for the occasions with strict reactive response time requirements, such as steel rolling, steelmaking, lifting class and impact load.

● Negative sequence suppression, balance system: there are a lot of three-phase unbalanced load in the distribution network, typical such as electric locomotive traction load and AC arc furnace, etc.At the same time, line, transformer and other transmission and distribution equipment three-phase impedance imbalance will also lead to the problem of voltage imbalance.SVG can quickly compensate the negative sequence current caused by load imbalance, and always ensure the balance of three-phase current flowing into the grid, which greatly improves the power quality of power supply and consumption.

Low pattern diversity, follow one's inclinations: with a variety of operating mode, satisfy various customers' needs, and operating mode are: constant reactive power device, constant assessment points of reactive power, constant testing point model of the power factor, constant testing point voltage and negative sequence compensation mode, can online conversion operation mode, can also according to customer demand curve.

● Harmonic control, ensure safety: the device can effectively compensate 13 and the following harmonic, the compensation rate up to 92%, so as to effectively avoid the protection and safety of automatic device misoperation;It can effectively avoid the capacitor module harmonic and harmonic current amplification, which causes the capacitor to be overloaded or overvoltage, or even burned down.Solve the problem of increasing transformer loss, causing transformer heating, and causing power equipment heating, motor torque instability and even damage;It avoids the problems of accelerating the aging of insulation of power equipment, easy breakdown, reducing the production efficiency of electric arc furnace, increasing loss and interfering with communication signals.

Long distance transmission, detract from regulated: install SVG device in long distance transmission lines, can not only under the normal operation of the compensation circuit of reactive power losses, raise the line voltage, improve the transmission capacity effectively, but also in the case of system failure to provide timely reactive power adjustment, oscillation damping system, improve power system stability.

● Accurate compensation, penalty for award: many sites due to the assessment of power factor is lower than the requirements of the power supply bureau, is bound to produce power adjustment penalty.The power factor of the SVG can be set up according to the inspection point target, real-time stepless adjusting device to compensate reactive power, make the power factor of the inspection point in stable set target, eliminate was fined for power factor is not up to standard or unstable phenomenon caused by excessive compensation power grid, and put an end to the economic loss due to fill, fill owe.

● The protection is complete, the use of worry-free: protection strategy includes device level protection, device level protection and system level protection three levels.The action time limit of the device level protection is not more than 10us. When the device overcurrent, overvoltage or abnormal drive signal is found, the protection can be implemented quickly.The action time limit of the device level protection is 0.5-1ms. When it is found that the device has abnormal conditions of overload and high DC voltage, the protection will be implemented.The action time limit of system-level protection is 5-2000ms. When abnormal conditions such as system voltage loss, system voltage excessive and cooling system failure are found, protection will be implemented.

● Full wave recording, intelligent analysis: the main control system not only real-time monitoring input current, voltage, output current, voltage, and to achieve the waveform display, but also on each phase voltage, current harmonic analysis, help users to master the equipment of various electric parameters.

● Black box record, accurate diagnosis: the equipment has the function of automatic record and display of running state, can view a total of 200 points before and after protection (100ms) of current, voltage, operating frequency, convenient for daily maintenance and rapid abnormal diagnosis.

● Rich interface, plug and play: Ethernet, RS485, CAN, high-speed optical fiber communication interfaces, support Modbus_ RTU, PROFIBUS, power CDT91 protocol, IEC61850-103/104, CANopen protocol user defined communication protocols, CAN achieve remote monitoring, unmanned.

● Module design, simple and fast: power unit, power supply, main control system, secondary wiring and other modular design, easy to scale production and site installation and maintenance.

● Safety rules online, ensure safety: the whole system of air cooling equipment external shell is designed in accordance with the safety specifications, with online operation, easy maintenance characteristics, in the live operation of the equipment, no need to shut down power outage, operation and maintenance personnel can directly replace the air window filter cotton, local operation, local view operation data and other operations.

● Early warning, worry free operation: the main control system real-time monitoring and display the temperature of each power unit, when the temperature of multiple units exceeds the set alarm value, give a sound and light alarm, prompt the user to deal with in time, so as not to appear heat sink trip, filter clogging and other problems.

● Multi-machine cooperation, easy capacity expansion: SVG has an interface for parallel operation of multiple devices, which can meet the following requirements: 1) The existing compensation capacity is not enough. When the capacity expansion is increased, multiple SVG devices are running in parallel. Through the master-slave control mode, multiple sets of devices can coordinate compensation, just like a set of equipment, so as to realize easy capacity expansion;2) In the normal operation mode, each SVG machine runs independently; in the fault operation mode, the multiple machines will automatically switch to the parallel operation mode and cooperate with compensation.

● High and low through, extreme fear free: in the user's main power supply voltage instantaneous drop, instantaneous rise, plant power network load switch, in the national standard allowed range, after the power grid recovery SVG can quickly automatic normal operation, without personnel operation, enhance the adaptability of the power grid, can adapt to different depths of U0 (100%-0%) power grid drop.

● Voltage flicker, fluctuation can be suppressed: when the load changes sharply, it is easy to produce voltage fluctuation and flicker phenomenon, such as electric arc furnace, rolling mill, oxygen station turbine air compressor unit, etc.SVG can quickly provide variable reactive current according to the grid voltage changes to compensate for voltage fluctuations and flicker caused by load changes.

● Dual source power supply, stable and reliable: the control power supply adopts 380VAC, 2200VAC or 220VDC two kinds of voltage system power supply, and the two kinds of power supply are online thermal standby to each other;If one way power outage, the other way can be seamlessly switched, continue to supply power for the control power, at the same time through the relay protection circuit alarm and HMI (man-machine interface) display which way power outage.

● Anti-interference cabinet, electromagnetic compatibility: the whole cabinet adopts anti-interference design, through the relevant institutions to detect electrostatic discharge immunity test, surge (impact) immunity test, RF electromagnetic field radiation immunity test, electric fast pulse group immunity test and other EMC tests.

● Dustproof and waterproof IP65: In view of the scene of dust, especially conductive dust more, and humidity, water vapor, salt spray especially many occasions, our company has specially developed IP65 protection grade equipment for customers to choose.

FGSVG series products can be widely used in petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power system, electrified railway, the urban construction and other industries, for a variety of asynchronous motor, hoist, transformers, thyristor inverter, inverter, induction furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, electric arc furnace, resistance furnace, quartz melting furnace, electric locomotive, crane, punch, crane, elevator, wind generator, lighting, elevator, electric welding machine, such as equipment, to provide high quality, high reliability of reactive power compensation and filtering solution.

FGSVG series products can enhance the power transmission capacity, reduce the power loss, compensation reactive power, control harmonics, suppress flicker, stabilize the grid voltage, balance the three-phase system, change the damping characteristics of the system, improve the stability of the system.

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