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CFHI has become the supplier of full process equipment for metallurgical enterprises and is one of the very few manufacturers to supply complete set of rolling equipment with proprietary intellectual property rights to Chinese and overseas steel production enterprises. CFHI has supplied the most core equipment to all the well known metallurgical enterprises in China with the advantages of the core technologies, top technical level and premium product quality in the leading position of the world as well as the EPC capacity.

In Chinese market, CFHI supplied more than 80%the rolling mill stands above 1250mm, taken over 60% of the top metallurgical equipment market. The metallurgical products are consisting of the steel making equipment, such as various continuous casting machine, converters and electric furnaces; the rolling equipment, such as tandem cold rolling mill, hot strip rolling mill, sectional beam rolling mill, long product rolling mill as well as the shearing lines, plate levelers, slab sizing presses and coliers etc.

CFHI is proactively expanding the service fields into the manufacturing services, EPC, financing and leasing, as well as the operation and maintenance business and other producer services, to accelerate the development of the operation and maintenance services of roll shops, the remote diagnosis of customer terminals, and the whole-life time operation and maintenance service of supplied products, especially focusing on improving the total system integration capacity and high-quality service capacity.

Manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are Integration of industry and trade, sales of the special equipment, petrochemical refining plant, excavator, electric shovel, tunnel boring machine,shield tunneling machine, electric heavy truck,large casting and forqing,wind power generation, petroleum storage tank, large boiler, frequency converter,energy storage type converter,nuclear power equipment,breathing machine. Our factroy is ...more
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