Wind power generation

Voga Energy Saving Technology provides a comprehensive series of intelligent operation and maintenance solutions that are standard and efficient, intelligent and transparent, flexible and customized, which can be changed on demand to maximize the operation efficiency of wind turbines. At the same time, it pays attention to the safe operation and optimization of assets, and tailor-made comprehensive technical transformation scheme with excellent performance, high power generation and life extension for each wind farm, so as to enhance the value of wind farm assets. Centralized monitoring of field groups and sharing of regional services can realize the operation mode of wind farm with no one on duty and few people on duty. Preventive maintenance with intelligent fault diagnosis and big data early warning as the core ensures the healthy and efficient operation of equipment.

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    Wind power generation

    Wind power generation

    Two-wheel driven
    Core motivation of achievement
    High efficiency, best torque transfer, high efficiency permanent magnet motor, guarantee the conversion of electric energy, continue to provide excellent electric output.

    Increased efficiency 5%
    High reliability Unit parts reduced to avoid system error, equipment utilization rate is greater than 99%
    High reliability 99%
    Low cost Continuous optimization of maintenance links, the overall cost effectively reduced by about 20%
    Cost reduction 20%
    Grid friendly Zero grid impact, high and low voltage crossing ability outstanding, fully realize the flexibility of power
    Grid impact 0

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