The part of epitome of our company held league building activities in 2021 year


      Pingdingshan Xiangshan Temple was built at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, about a hundred years later than the White Horse Temple, after the Han, Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, so far has a history of more than 1,800 years. Due to the location of the Central Plains, by the change of dynasties, the influence of fire and war, repeatedly destroyed repeatedly built. In the 1950s, some of the halls built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties were completely destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Monks were driven out and the halls were demolished. Except for the thousand-year-old pagoda and dozens of ancient monuments, the buildings of Xiangshan Temple today were gradually restored by the support of the people and the government after the Cultural Revolution. 


     Company office sales department collective to pingdingshan Xiangshan Temple worship Buddha, under the guidance of a lay in Xiangshan temple, all the way from the gate to walk, step up, has paid homage to visit maitreya Buddha, four sides of the Temple, Guanyin hall, Maitreya Hall, Hala Hall, zushidian, six ancestral hall, dizangdian, Guanyin Pagoda. The Buddhist atmosphere in Xiangshan Temple is very heavy. Through edification, our hearts have been purified to a certain extent, and our outlook on life has been greatly changed. By worshiping Guanyin, we ordinary people should learn to be kind to others, develop the character of tolerance, and form the idea of contentment. To people and things, we should be able to treat with a normal heart.

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